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Advancing the Art of Mediation


This training has been approved for Alabama CLE 7.3 hours including 2 ethics.

AAM Advanced Attorney-Mediator Training and Annual Meeting

Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 7 & 8, 2017
La Fonda on the Plaza

Join us in Santa Fe, NM as we Advance the Art of Mediation. We will learn new techniques from experienced mediators around the country and enjoy networking time, as well as time to enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer. We will collect fresh ideas and learn about various skills, complexities, and styles of the art of mediation. You will come away with so many novel items to add to your pallet and the opportunity to share your experiences along the way.

We will apply for MCLE credit in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.  MCLE approvals will be published as they are received.  Texas has approved 7.25 hours including 2.00 ethics hours.

AAM will be pleased to facilitate obtaining MCLE credit in other states. Please contact us as soon as possible (1-800-280-1368 or aam@attorney-mediators.org) if you would like our assistance in this regard.

The training begins on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 11:45 am and ends on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 12:15 pm. We will complete the seminar with the highly requested marketing segment from 12:15-1:15 pm, following adjournment of the AAM training.

Click Here:  Registration is Open!

AAM National Office: +1 (800) 280-1368, (972) 669-8101, Fax: 972-669-8180,
Address: P. O. Box 741955, Dallas, Texas  75374-1955

www.attorney-mediators.org; aam@attorney-mediators.org

News for Alabama Neutrals

2017 1 Qtr News for Alabama Neutrals

2017 1 Qtr News for Alabama Neutrals

  The 2017 1st Quarter newsletter is available:
– Online at alabamaadr.org/email/ 1701_NAN_Newsletter.html
– PDF at alabamaadr.org/web/media/newsletters/

In this issue:

  • Upcoming ADR Events
  • In-State Mediation Training
  • Private Judging
  • Family Mediation Program
  • Foreclosure Prevention Mediation

2017 Roster Renewals

Mediators and arbitrators should have received a roster renewal letter with the annual survey and your profile sheet to review.  Please return those to us as soon as possible with your input.

We report our statistics to the Supreme Court of Alabama, and your participation is crucial.

Just a reminder, that in Alabama, we register neutrals, we do not certify.

Private Judges, yours will be arriving shortly.

Private Judging in Alabama

Judges Mediation Bench Book: A Resource for Alabama Trial Judges (2nd edition)

Judges Mediation Bench Book: A Resource for Alabama Trial Judges (2nd edition)

For cases in contract, tort, or a combination of contract and tort or for DR cases, private judges are available to hear cases quickly.

Decisions are appealable in Alabama courts.

For a list of private judges, go to:

Job Opportunities

ADR Career Resources   www.americanbar.org/groups/dispute_resolution/resources/career.html

7th Judicial Administrative District 
Job Announcement:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Coordinator

Applications accepted:   thru January 27, 2017

More information

Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution, 244 Washington Street, SW, Ste. 300, Atlanta, GA 30334

Foreclosure Prevention/Mortgage Modification Mediation Program Continues In 2017

More about the Foreclosure Prevention/Mortgage Modification Mediation ProgramThanks to our grantees the Alabama Law Foundation (and Tracy Daniel) and the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation (and Sue McInnish) the assistance to homeowners in trouble is continuing.

We have mediated 6 cases and paid $5,866.20 to mediators.   We currently have 6 cases waiting for mediation.  Four homeowners were over income and did not qualify.  One homeowner was sent to LSA, not mediation, due to exigent circumstances.

Results included (1) Foreclosure sale stopped, homeowner who had gone into bankruptcy due to health care costs was allowed time to sell an extra car and get caught up with mortgage; (2) Foreclosure had already occurred and an ejectment suit filed, mediation allowed eviction to be delayed as part of the dismissal; (3) Compensation obtained for former owner with delay allowed so former owner could acquire resources to move; (4) Home saved, repayment agreement; (5) Conference and referral to another provider; (6) Parties too far apart in goals to settle

If parties have qualified for legal assistance through LSA or Volunteer Lawyers, a mediator can work with the homeowner’s lawyer and the servicer to develop an agreement that will benefit both.  We pay the mediator.

All Alabama trial judges were notified and sent information about the program, but a reminder is helpful.  We don’t want any money to be returned!

More about the Foreclosure Prevention/Mortgage Modification Mediation Program

Parents Are Forever Family Mediation Program Continues in 2017

Father and his childrenWe just finished the first quarter of the new court fiscal year, October–December 2016.

Much thanks for this program goes to acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart and Julia Weller, with assistance from Larry Israel.

Our annual grant from the Court provides us with funds to mediate with parents who need to agree to a parenting plan and a financial plan.  Total family income must be $60,000 or less and there must be children.  The courts use a special order to enable parents to enter the program, protect confidentiality, and alert parents to what is expected of them.

Mediators are expected to give pro bono time to each case, accept a set amount per hour, and
submit a confidential invoice and case report to the Center.

Parents Are Forever Family Mediation Program
Statistics for the quarter, Oct. 1-Dec 31, 2016

  • 23  Mediations
  • 15  Agreements
  • 3    Partial Agreements
  • 5    With no agreement
  • Mediators gave 37 hours and 55 minutes of pro bono time
  • Average family income:   $45,360
  • Number of children benefiting: 40

16 counties sent cases out of 39 participating

More about the Family Mediation Program

Appellate Mediation Training

February 1, 2017
Alabama State Bar

Allison Skinner and Jim Rives are the lead trainers for the day, and we have a great panel of appellate mediators to share their experiences

  • Marty Van Tassel (Upchurch, Watson, White and Max),
  • Sam Kok (Dominick Feld Hyde, PC),
  • Bill Ratliff (Wallace Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC), and
  • Sally Bowers (Proctor & Vaughn, LLC).  

CLE hours 6.8 including 1 hour ethics.

If you are interested in attending and have not registered just give us a call (334) 517-2248 or (334)269-0409, and we will send you the registration form

Training for November-December 2016


Dates Training Topic Location
October 20-21st Train the Trainer Birmingham
November 2nd Advanced Mediation Huntsville
November 3rd Advanced Mediation Birmingham
November 4-8th Divorce Mediation Birmingham
November 9th Advanced Mediation Montgomery
November 10th Advanced Mediation Mobile
November 29-30th Domestic Violence Birmingham
December 1-3rd General Civil Mediation Birmingham

Training by Troy Smith (with Sally Bowers for divorce mediation) at www.mediationmedia.com.   Register at the website.  Or 1-800-adr-firm

Fourth Quarter Mediation Statistics

  • 35 cases mediated; 21 agreements  (4th quarter)
  • $36,038.13 average family income
  • $ 603.92 average cost per mediation
  • 60% settlement rate
  • 25 cases pending from 4th quarter
  • 404 cases have come into the program since inception
  • 39 counties participating

(July-Sept 2016)