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Executive Order 50

State Agency ADR Task Force Appointed: Executive Order 50

WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 42 issued March 18, 1998, encouraged all Alabama state agencies to examine and promote mediation as an alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") concept in their respective administrative processes; and

WHEREAS, other ADR procedures, such as negotiated rulemaking, collaborative problem solving, agency ombuds and consensus building, have also proven effective in making state administrative processes more cost effective and efficient wile improving fairness in agency actions; and

WHEREAS, to facilitate the implementation of Executive Order No. 42, and to develop other ADR processes for use by state agencies, it has been determined that the appointment of a task force is required to develop programs for information, education, training, coordination and implementation of ADR concepts to the fullest extent in agency administrative processes;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Fob James, Jr., Governor of the State of Alabama, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of Alabama, and for other good and valid reasons, which relate thereto, do hereby appoint a state agency Alternative Dispute Resolution Task Force comprised of the following:

  • Co-Chair - One member of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution
  • Co-Chair - One member of the Alabama State Bar ADR Committee
  • Coordinating Director - Director of Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution

Task Force Members:

  • One appellate Judge of the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals
  • One representative of the Governor’s Staff
  • One representative of a State School of Law
  • One representative from each of the following state agencies:
    • Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
    • Alabama Department of Environmental Management
    • Alabama Department of Finance
    • Alabama Department of Public Health
    • Alabama Department of Personnel

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that the Task Force shall meet at least quarterly, and shall submit annual Interim Reports and a Final Report, to the Governor, no later than forty-eight (48) months from the date of this Executive Order.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that this Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature and shall remain in effect until amended or modified by the Governor.

DONE AND ORDERED this 16th day of September, 1998.

Fob James, Jr.

Jim Bennet
Secretary of State