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Judges Mediation Bench Book

Judges Mediation Bench Book: A Resource for Alabama Trial Judges (2nd edition)
This handy reference, updated in 2016, puts all the law, court rules, code of ethics, forms, and information about mediation in one place. Download.

Arbitration Agreements (cover)     Acuerdos de Arbitraje

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What is an Arbitration Agreement?

Arbitration agreements, which are often found in pre-printed consumer contracts, require that the parties to the contract resolve disputes that arise in binding arbitration, rather than in court before a judge and/or jury.

What is Binding Arbitration?

Binding arbitration involves the submission of a dispute to a neutralparty who renders a decision following a hearing.

Arbitration takes the place of a trial before a judge or jury. Because the arbitration is binding, grounds for appealing or setting aside the arbitration decision are very limited and may frequently not be available at all.

If a person signs a contract containing a mandatory, binding arbitration agreement, he or she gives up the right to go to court to have his or her claim resolved.

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Arbitration Agreements Arbitration Agreements, for more information.
Arbitration Agreements Acuerdos de Arbitraje, para más información.


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Our state roster contains the names of arbitrators who have met the Arbitration Registration Standards.

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A Fun Arbitration Video

Carson - Letterman Arbitration - VIDEO - On April 18, 1986, Johnny Carson played a practical joke on David Letterman by stealing Dave's red pickup truck from in from of his Malibu home. Shortly after the truck was returned, Dave noticed a broken headlight that hadn't been broken before. Carson's people denied responsibility. To settle the dispute, Johnny invited Dave back to his show on June 27, along with People's Court judge Joseph Wapner to arbitrate the case.


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