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Select Alabama Mediation Cases - Case law where an issue on appeal arises from a mediation.

Select Alabama Arbitration Cases - Case law where an issue on appeal arises from an arbitration.

ADR Organizations - Links to websites offering a wealth of information on alternative dispute resolution.

ADR News Links - Keep up with the latest news sources focusing on dispute resolution.

Mediator Jobs on the Web - Link to sites that may be useful in finding mediation jobs.

Law School ADR Programs - A list of ADR programs at law schools.

Ethics - Visit our section focusing on Ethics and ethical opinions.


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Help for your Home

Foreclosure Mediation

Learn more about the Foreclosure Prevention Mortgage Modification Mediation Program
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Foreclosure Mediator

Homeowners, call to qualify for FREE Foreclosure Prevention Mortgage Modification Mediation!

If you have mortgage problems, you should take advantage of this program. We will ask for information, evaluate it, and let you know if you qualify for free mortgage mediation.

Please contact
Katherine Church
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Help for your Family

FREE Mediation for
Parents are Forever Parenting, Divorce, and Post Divorce Issues
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Family Mediator

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