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Judges Mediation Bench Book

Judges Mediation Bench Book: A Resource for Alabama Trial Judges (2nd edition)
This handy reference, updated in 2016, puts all the law, court rules, code of ethics, forms, and information about mediation in one place. Download.


Alabama Act 2013-355 - Alabama Uniform Collaborative Law Act PDF

Alabama Act 2013-355

Alabama Uniform Collaborative Law Act

By Representative Black
RFD: Judiciary
First Read: 07-Mar-13

To adopt the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Law Act; to provide for resolution of certain family law matters through a collaborative law process; to provide requirements for the process and for attorneys participating in the resolution of a matter using the collaborative process; to provide for a collaborative law participation agreement; to authorize a tribunal to issue emergency orders to protect the health, safety, welfare, or interest of a party or child of a party; to provide that certain communications made during the collaborative process are confidential; and to authorize a tribunal to make certain rulings regarding a collaborative law agreement.

This act takes effect January 1, 2014.


Signed Copy of Alabama Act 2013-355