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Mediators get to the heart of the matter faster, with less cost, OANow,com, Oct 15, 2015. Conflict in life is a given. The majority of the time we do not set out to hurt or injure another person. We have a bad day. We are tired. We have an accident. We make decisions that affect others. How good it is to have a mediator -- a trained conflict-resolution specialist -- to help you talk it out with the other people involved. To get to the heart of the matter, to turn what might have been sad, an economic loss, anger, a tragedy, to something of value, to something positive. And, to do it quickly, not years later. More...

Mediators see advantage in bypassing court action, Dothan Eagle, Oct 2015. A mediator can provide a cost effective and quick way to resolve commercial and domestic disputes, including divorces. Holly Sawyer, a Dothan attorney, said a mediator is most commonly used in civil cases involving business disputes and divorce cases, along with family disputes such as child custody and child support. More...

Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama. Gina JOHNSON. v. Cary Casey JOHNSON. 2140332. | Aug. 14, 2015. Includes holdings, including the following, "circuit court's inquiry into events that took place during
mediation did not violate confidentiality requirements". Read the case (PDF file).

A Mediator is A Conflict Resolution Specialist Who Helps You Get to the Heart of the Matter: Celebrating Mediation Week, October 11-17, 2015. Judith M. Keegan, Esq., Executive Director, Alabama Center for Dispute ResolutionWrites about conflict and how mediation helps to resolve it. Read the article.

Foreclosure Prevention Mediation Program offers free mediation services to struggling homeowners. Gibson Vance, attorney and host of the Beasley Allen Law Firm, welcomes special guest and mediator Allison Skinner with Skinner Neutral Services to discuss the importance of mediation as well as the innovative free service, the Foreclosure Prevention Mediation Program.
Video on YouTube:

Foreclosure And Family Mediation Programs Provide Free Help To Those In Need Jere Beasley Report wrote a story highlighting our family and foreclosure mediation programs. Read the article by following the link.

Program offers free help for people facing foreclosure - Montgomery Advertiser, August 15, 2014. - Highlights our Foreclosure Prevention Mortgage Modification Mediation Program. Read it on the Montgomery Advertiser website.

Thank you Mediators! The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution thanks the following mediators who have performed pro-bono mediations during 2013!

Foreclosure mediation help available, The Selma Times-Journal, April 28, 2014, Josh Bergeron. -- For the next year, banks and other mortgage facilitators may have an easier time communicating with Alabama homeowners under foreclosure. -More-

State hopes mediation can ease court overload, Montgomery Advertiser, October 18, 2011, Scott Johnson. -- The state is observing Mediation Week this week, hailing a potential remedy for overloaded court dockets. -More-



Mediating Copyright and Intellectual Property Disputes, by Judge James Scott Sledge (Ret.) appeared in the September/October 2013 issue of Landslide, A Publication of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law. Judge Sledge is an Alabama alternative dispute resolution professional with The McCammon Group, a leading provider of mediation, arbitration, special master, and judge pro tempore services.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Expands Into Pre-Trial Practice: An Introduction to the Role of E-Neutrals is the title of Allison Skinner’s most recent article at Volume 13, pg 113 of the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution.  Allison serves as a mediator and special master and arbitrator for discovery disputes and settlements with Sirote & Permutt in Birmingham.  Allison is also the co-founder and a charter member of the American College of e-Neutrals Advisory Board.  More information.  The full article is posted at

Children’s Interest-Lost in Translation: Making the Case for Involving Children in Mediation of Child Custody Cases. Cassandra Adams’ article was recently published in the University of Dayton Law Review, Vol. 36, No. 3.  Mrs. Adams is the Director of Cumberland’s Community Mediation Center and Public Interest Project.  More information. The article is located at this link:



Ethical Opinions The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Committee on Mediator Ethical Guidance released three new opinions on ethical issues in 2015. Read more.

The Guide to Dispute Resolution Processes (pdf), from the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, is designed to educate members of the public about dispute resolution processes commonly used to resolve legal, community, school, public policy and many other types of disputes.



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Private Judges

The Alabama Private Judge Act authorized the appointment of former or retired judges to serve as private judges in certain district and circuit court cases. - More -


Arbitration agreements, are often found in pre-printed consumer contracts. They require parties to the contract to resolve disputes in binding arbitration, rather than in court before a judge and/or jury. - More -


Mediation is a confidential, informal process during which an impartial third party, the mediator, assists disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement regarding their dispute.

  • General Mediation offers a path to resolving many disputes. - More -
  • Family Mediation offers divorce and family mediation for parenting, divorce and post-divorce issues. - More -
  • Forclosure Prevention and Mortgage Modification Mediation offers specially-trained mediators to assist Alabama citizens with foreclosure and mortgage problems by mediating between the homeowner and the mortgage holder. - More -

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